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  2011-08-10  |   HI World Rally in Seoul - Taiwan make the hottest performance at the front line again!

HI World Rally in Seoul


Taiwan make the hottest performance at


the front line again!


The 2011 World Youth Rally is now in its 36th year and this great event was currently being held in our Seoul Olympic Youth Hostel which is located in the grounds of the famous Olympic Park in Seoul. The event runs up until Saturday 6th August and will be attended by over 200 youths from 8 countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Pakistan and Korea.
Each national team presents their unique and unforgettable talent show to all of the participants in the event. This year, Taiwan Team presents an outstanding performance, which indicating Taiwan is a country with infinite variety – perhaps because of lingering Chinese, Japanese and Dutch colonial influences, we are willing to express our strong youth culture combined with the marks of more than a dozen aboriginal tribes lend it today a dynamic air of self-rediscovery.
The successful performance combined with four different characters – Hakka, Amis Tribe (one of the indigenous races in Taiwan), Kung-fu Lady of Han Culture and the Electric-Techno Neon Gods; furthermore, the Taiwan Team was dancing in Traditional Instruments, Taiwanese Pop Songs and K-pop, making all participants got high as well as receiving a vivid impression of Taiwan.
In addition, most of the International Participants from other countries were scheduled to stay an extra 3 more days with the Korean host families and attended the special Homestay Program arranged by the “Bundang Seohyeon Youth Center” and the “Hostelling International Club Korea” (Youth Club OB Member).

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