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  2011-08-10  |   HI's CEO presents award to Taipei Chientan, Taiwan

HI's CEO presents award to Taipei Chientan, Taiwan 

As one of the recent winners of HI’s Global Brand Promotion


Competition, Chientan YH Activity Centre in Taiwan marked the


occasion with a special award ceremony, attended by


HI CEO, Mikael Hansson.

On 30 July, Taiwan YHA and China Youth Corp (CYC), the owners

of 13 Youth Activity Centres around Taiwan, invited HI CEO

Mikael Hansson to attend an award ceremony to officially present

the award to Ms Chan Yu Mei, Director General of

Chientan YH Activity Centre.  


Mikael Hansson presenting       Media coverage of the        Mr Cherng-Tyan Su, President

award to Ms Chan Yu Mei          ceremony                             of Taiwan YHA 

The event itself was a great success, with more than 20 news reporters from television, radio and web-based news attending
the ceremony.
During the visit to Taiwan, Mikael Hansson also had official
meetings with Mr Lee Yun Jie, the Minister of National Youth Commission, Mr Fan Chih Ku, Director General of Taiwan
Railways Administration, Mr Chang Te Chung, President of
China Youth Corp, and other VIPs, and also attended Taiwan
YHA’s Board Meeting.

Mikael Hansson meeting              Mikael Hansson with group of VIPs     Mikael Hansson with Mr Chang Te

with Mr Lee Yun Jie,                                                                                        ChungPresident of China Youth Corp 

Minister of National Youth


The Chientan YH Activity Centre won their award for creating a
new ‘HI Friends Corner’ where guests can relax within a
comfortable area decorated with HI’s promotional materials.

        Chientan YH -                                   HI Card priviledges                                 'HI Friends Corner''HI  Friends  Corner'                    and discounts                                          promotional   materials 

The winning of this award and Mikael Hansson’s visit to Taiwan will significantly help in pushing the development of the HI network
in Taiwan forward, and, most importantly, will help rebuild the strong relationship between Hostelling International and Taiwan YHA.


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